mardi 22 mars 2011

Good bye, Maria

PP, my thesis director, has some photos of naked women in his flat. A very big breast next to Michel Foucault in his better intellectual shot is a funny contrast, like PP himself. Now that I think about it, the photos are not of different women but the same one: Maria Schneider.

There is an article about Maria in the latest issue of Senses of Cinema. I remember her as a young woman with a flamboyant hat, seduced by a forty years old man in an empty apartment. The Last Tango in Paris was an immediate success as well as Maria's breast ("eso que no has visto su pubis rebelde... la pucha se lleva sus pantallazos... y pues sale muy de la época... así afro", said Lucas). She became a sex symbol, she fell into drugs and bla, bla, bla like Lindsay Lohan.

Anyway, the article is not about the rise and fall of Maria but about her second rise before her death was announced last February. Her funeral was here, I don’t know where. I guess PP was touched.